Auto Trader reveals fastest and slowest selling used cars

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The Seat Leon, a petrol plug-in hybrid, is currently the UK’s fastest-selling used car with an average of 10 days according to AutoTrader.

The car is selling twice as fast as the national average which is 26 days, the fastest pace for over three years.

Richard Walker, Auto Trader’s data & insights director, said: “The speed in which used cars are selling is a good barometer of health in the market, so it’s reassuring to see that stock is continuing to turn quickly.

“We may see some slight movement by the end of the month, but at this mid-way point, we’re seeing used cars shift at near record levels.

“The variances we’re seeing across different cohorts is a good reminder of just how important it is to follow the data at an almost forensic level; there is huge opportunity, but what’s right for one forecourt isn’t necessarily right for another, so as always, use the data available to spot those cars that are selling the fastest in your local market.”

The other fastest selling cars as of mid-March 2024 include Vauxhall Crossland (10.5), Vauxhall Grandland X (11), Skoda Kodiaq (11.5), Skoda Superb (11.5) MG MG HS (12), Tesla Model Y (12), Volkswagen T-Roc (12.5), Vauxhall Grandland X (12.5) and the Ford Focus Hatchback (13).

The slowest-selling used cars were the Lexus RX (103), Citroen C4 (98), BMW Z4 (96), Porsche (92), Mercedez-Benz SL Class (91), BMW M2 (90.5), BMW iX (89), BMW M4 (86), Volkswagen ID.4 (85), Abarth 124 Spider (85).

Petrol cars are taking an average of 25 days to sell, diesel (28) and  electric (32). EVs aged three-five years-old sell in 28 days. Supply of used EVs below five-years-old is up 4% YoY, whilst petrol and diesel is down -9.3% and -31.5% respectively.






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