Audi A6 E-Tron to debut this summer

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Audi will launch its long-awaited A6 E-Tron this summer, the automaker announced last week while presenting its financial results for the previous quarter.

The A6 E-Tron is the second model from Audi to ride on Volkswagen Group’s PPE (Premium Platform Electric) dedicated EV platform which debuted earlier this year in the Audi Q6 E-Tron and Porsche Macan EV siblings.

The A6 E-Tron was previewed in 2021 by a concept of the same name, and spy shots of prototypes suggest the production version will closely resemble the striking show car. A wagon body style, an Avant in Audi-speak, is also planned, though it isn’t clear if it will also debut in the summer.

Audi hasn’t announced the A6 E-Tron’s availability in the U.S. yet, though the electric midsize sedan is likely to reach these shores by early next year as a 2025 model.

Audi A6 Avant E-Tron concept

The A6 E-Tron will be similar in size to the Tesla Model S and should offer comparable performance to the American EV. Single-motor rear-wheel drive and dual-motor all-wheel drive are planned. In the A6 E-Tron concept, Audi fitted a 100-kwh battery that was said to be good for more than 300 miles of range and capable of charging from 5-80% in less than 25 minutes thanks to 800-volt technology.

The related Q6 E-tron will come with 422 hp and a boost mode that lifts output temporarily to 456 hp. An SQ6 E-Tron will come with corresponding numbers of 483 hp and 510 hp. Similar numbers should feature in the A6 E-Tron and its S6 E-Tron grade. A high-performance RS 6 E-Tron grade is also thought to be coming.

The A6 E-Tron will replace Audi’s gas-powered A6 as part of Audi’s overarching plan to phase out gas-powered cars by early next decade. The automaker’s last vehicle launch with a gas engine will take place as soon as 2026.

Audi this year will also launch an updated E-Tron GT, as well as redesigned versions of the A5 and Q5. The new A5 and Q5 will ride on a new platform referred to as the PPC (Premium Platform Combustion). In the case of the A5, the current coupe and convertible body styles may be phased out, with only the Sportback hatch and a new Avant wagon being offered.

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