Apple’s F1 movie starring Brad Pitt debuts June 27, 2025

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  • An F1 movie being produced by Apple will debut June 27, 2025
  • The movie will star Brad Pitt and will be directed by Joseph Kosinski
  • No title has been released for the movie yet

Apple’s Formula 1 movie will reach theaters in North America June 27, 2025, F1 announced Tuesday in a press release.

The unnamed movie stars Brad Pitt as an older F1 driver coming out of retirement with the fictional APXGP F1 team. Damson Idris plays his teammate, while Javier Bardem, Kerry Condon, Tobias Menzies, Sarah Niles, Kim Bodina, and Samson Kayo play unspecified roles. The movie is being directed by Joseph Kosinski of “Top Gun: Maverick” fame.

APXGP race car for Brad Pitt F1 film

F1 is actively involved in the movie, as is seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton’s Dawn Apollo Films. That’s allowed for an unprecedented level of access, including filming during F1 race weekends with modified single-seat race cars.

In an interview last year, Hamilton said he was advising Kosinski on camera positions for filming at F1 events, and had done a track day with Pitt. The race cars used for the movie also sport AMG logos, likely a nod to the (now Ferrari-bound) Mercedes driver’s involvement.

APXGP race car for Brad Pitt F1 film

APXGP race car for Brad Pitt F1 film

Production began in 2023 and will continue at this summer’s British Grand Prix and other races, concluding at the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in December. As with filming done last year, cars will likely drive in front of live crowds in between the actual F1 sessions.

F1 is also reportedly involved in a “family drama series” titled “One” and starring Felicity Jones. A 2023 report said the series will focus on a family-owned F1 team, which brings to mind the saga of the Williams team before it was sold to an investment firm. No release date has been given, but the series is also understood to be officially sanctioned by F1.

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