Allen Ford sees profits of £12m on turnover of £725m

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Allen Ford turned in pre-tax profits of £12m on turnover of £725.3m in the year to June 2023.

This compares with pre-tax profits of £27.6m on turnover of £530.5m in the prior year.

But that year had been bolstered by a £20.5m exceptional income gain from the insurance compensation scheme relating to business interruption during the pandemic.

Like all dealer groups, Allen Ford was hit was hit by vehicle shortages because of the pandemic but profits from new and used cars rose with strong demand from limited stock.

The group grew with the acquisition of Ford in Gillingham In July 2022 and Suzuki Romford in March 2023.

The company also benefited from the transfer from its parent company SuperGroup International Holdings of two Kia, two Hyundai and one Suzuki dealerships.

These delivered increased turnover of £103m and pre-tax profits of £1.8m. There was no dividend paid compared to one of £27.6m the prior year.

Allen Ford operates around 30 locations in the UK, stretching across the south of England from Bath and Swindon in the west, through the Midlands, Berkshire and London, to Kent and Essex in the South East. Today it employs over 1,000 people.

It represents Ford, Ford Pro, Hyundai, Omoda, Kia, Suzuki and also runs its AMG Select used car business and Alen Leasing.

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