Alfa Romeo 4C Makes Surprise Return via Abarth

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Alfa Romeo ended production of the 4C in 2020 but the mid-engine coupe is making an unexpected comeback in 2024. Stellantis Heritage is reviving the bite-sized supercar to mark 75 years of Abarth with the 1300 OT. It is a modern tribute to the Fiat-Abarth OT 1300 from 1965, using a 4C as the foundation.

It’s not the first time the 4C is making a surprise return since the Abarth Classiche 1000 SP from 2021 followed a similar formula, albeit it was a convertible. Pictured at the bottom, that one was revealed before FCA Heritage became Stellantis Heritage, following the FCA-PSA merger. As with the previous 4C revival, we’re not enamored with the design of the bug-eye headlights, but to each his own. The rest of it seems cool, though. All things considered, we’d still prefer an original 4C.

Featuring a carbon fiber body, the Abarth Classiche 1300 OT has rear louvers and a periscope roof scoop honoring the successful 1960s race car. The wide cooling vent at the rear has prominent Abarth lettering, just so everyone knows this isn’t a run-of-the-mill 4C. It eschews the original’s dual exhaust tips for a centrally mounted trapezoidal setup. You also won’t be finding any Alfa Romeo badging since Abarth has placed its Scorpion instead.

We’ve reached out to Stellantis Heritage to find out whether the car is based on leftover 4C chassis or conversions of existing cars. Perhaps Alfa Romeo still has a few unused chassis, engines, and gearboxes that are now being repurposed for the limited-run Abarth

It’s worth noting the 4C still appeared in Alfa’s sales charts last year in the United States, even though the coupe was phased out from the US in 2019.

Although Abarth has hopped on the electric bandwagon with the 500e hot hatch and 600e crossover, it still sells the gasoline-fueled 500 in multiple iterations. The 1300 OT is joining the ICE pocket rocket, but briefly, since only five units are going to be made. Before production gets underway, a scale model was presented over the weekend at Stellantis’s Heritage Hub in Turin, Italy.

The order books are open, but pricing has yet to be disclosed.

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