AFP urges dealers to comply with delivery standards

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The dealer agency model is resulting in poorer quality vehicle deliveries, the Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP) warns.

The AFP’s 28-point Dealer Standard, introduced in 2022, aims to maintain the high quality condition of the cars and vans when they are delivered. Marshall, Inchcape and Sytner were among the first dealer groups to sign up for the accreditation.

Paul Hollick, chair at the AFP, said: “We are hearing from a number of members that there has been a noticeable fall in delivery standards for manufacturers that have switched to agency, with the perception being that there is a much reduced incentive for the local dealers to maintain a high level of service to fleets.

Complaints include EVs being delivered with little charge and internal combustion cars arriving with minimum fuel. Deliveries such as these are not only failing to meet expectations of customers but are also inconveniencing customers.

Hollick added: “Under the old system, fleets would simply take their business to another dealer holding the same franchise but now that is not really possible, with the local dealer effectively having a monopoly over local deliveries.

“At least one member has complained that they have just placed more than half a million pounds worth of orders with a manufacturer in the full knowledge that the local dealer will make very little effort when it comes to delivery.”



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