A new Mazda 6 starts sales this year in China

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The jury is still out on whether Mazda will ever get around to replacing its 6 midsize sedan, but over in China the automaker has a new offering in the segment.

Mazda on Thursday unveiled the rear-wheel-drive EZ-6 at the 2024 Beijing auto show. The stunning sedan is a development of Mazda and its Chinese partner Changan Automobile, and is due to go on sale in China before the end of the year. Sales in other markets haven’t been announced.

Buyers will be able to choose between plug-in hybrid and electric powertrains, with the latter delivering an ideal 50:50 front-to-rear weight split and a range of 373 miles on the test cycle used in China. The figure would be somewhat lower if calculated using the stricter EPA cycle.

The EZ-6 measures 193.7 inches long, making it about 4.5 inches longer than the last Mazda 6. Mazda didn’t say what platform the car uses, but Chinese media reported that the EZ-6 shares a platform with a Changan sedan called the SL03. Mazda has confirmed Changan was responsible for development of the EZ-6’s powertrains, as well as its connectivity features.

2025 Mazda EZ-6

The exterior and interior are the result of Mazda’s designers. The automaker said the EZ-6 shows the latest evolution of its Kodo design language.

The cabin features the uncluttered design typical of modern Mazdas. Physical controls appear to be limited, as the designers have favored a large touchscreen with a landscape orientation similar to what you’ll find in a Tesla. Gesture controls and voice controls can also be used, and the latter even works when the driver is outside of the vehicle, for example during remote parking maneuvers.

Mazda Arata concept

Mazda Arata concept

Mazda also used the Beijing auto show to debut the Arata electric crossover concept. Mazda said the concept explores new design themes for future electric vehicles aimed at Chinese consumers.

A production version, once again using EV technology from Changan, is expected to launch in the Chinese market next year.

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