$59,990 Ford Mustang Mach-E Rally Has ‘Serious Performance On Dirt Roads’

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For the past two years, Ford has been developing a rally-inspired version of the Mustang Mach-E, specially designed to be great around a gravel track. The Ford Mustang Mach-E Rally has taller suspension, special wheels, and calibration, making it a unique proposition in the crowded electric crossover segment with its blend of performance and off-road ability.

This rally-inspired Mach-E is not a one-off special but a variant of the model that you can buy starting at $59,995. It comes with the 91-kilowatt-hour extended-range battery pack, but the EPA range drops from 280 miles to 265 miles because of the rally modifications.

Dual-motor all-wheel drive is standard, and it has a combined power output of 480 horsepower, just like the GT variant. However, it has 100 more pound-feet of torque (or 66 lb-ft more than the GT Performance), for a total of 700 lb-ft. This helps it complete the dash from 0 to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds (four-tenths less than the Mach-E GT).

Other Mach-E Rally modifications include a one-inch suspension lift, special tuning for the adaptive dampers and a set of 19-inch white wheels with Michelin CrossClimate2 all-season tires. Ford says the new suspension tuning should ensure a smooth ride over rough roads and the upgraded Brembo front brakes should help instill additional confidence while driving on a loose surface.

It also gets underbody protection, which should shield the battery pack and other vulnerable parts of the underbelly from rocks. It won’t be hard to tell the Rally apart from other Mach-Es with its special grille with integrated fog lights, a different rear spoiler, and a black roof complimented by black stripes on the hood and decklid.

Another addition unique to the Mach-E Rally is the RallySport driving mode, which is the one you want to be in when the tarmac runs out. The best part about it is that it allows the car to slide around a lot more, and it also changes accelerator pedal response to improve control—this could be the most fun Mach-E variant released so far.

You can order the Mach-E Rally with six available paint colors, but the most attention-grabbing is Grabber Yellow. These photos were taken while Ford was still testing the model, which is why the vehicle is quite dirty in all of them. It does look pretty good covered in all that dirt, though, and it looks like Ford’s engineers had a lot of fun testing it in the dirt.

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